MS Office 365: Web Apps and Collaboration for Office 2013

Duration: 1 day
Date: 8 Feb 2018, Class offered in Thai
Price : 2,550 Baht

This course is an introduction to the Microsoft® Office 365™ for Office 2013 in a cloud-based environment. Using Office 365, users can easily communicate with each other through Microsoft® Outlook® mail instant messaging and online meetings. Additionally, the Microsoft® SharePoint® Team Site provides a central location for accessing and modifying shared documents. The Office Web Apps enable users to perform basic tasks, such as opening, editing, printing, and saving documents without requiring an installation of the full desktop version of Microsoft® Office 2013 on the local computer.


MS Excel Maximized & Dynamic Chart

Duration: 2 day
Date: 29-30 Jan 2018 Class offered in Thai
Price : 5,100 Baht

This course introduces the use of Microsoft Excel to present the data with Chart to look interesting, such as allowing users to select the data to create the chart itself, or choose to change the chart format to see it. It will help to analyze the data better. In addition, if you know how to create a dynamic chart, it will greatly reduce your work time, such as when more data is available. Shows more information on the chart right away.


Becoming Project Management

Duration: 5 days
Date: 18-19, 22-24 Jan 2018 Class offered in Thai
Price: 29,500 Baht

Learn world class framework and knowledge to become world class project manager. Avoid project delay, project over time over budget, communication problem in project, or even project failure. This five day intensive program will give you best practice and framework in project management based from Project Management Body of Knowledge. You will learn how to get your project on track. It also helps you make your project more manageable. This course is good for any project participant and it is a must for new project manager or old project manager who never takes the standard project management course before.


Joomla! (Create Web Site with Joomla Program)

ITIL Foundation V3 (IT Infrastructure Library)

Duration: 3 days
Date: 12-14 Feb 2018 Class offered in Thai
Price: 27,500 Baht

Promotion Free Exam ITIL V3.
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) are best practices for IT Service Management. This course will guide you more on “How to align IT with Business” aspects and how to properly prioritize IT tasks. This course also helps you to understand the component of service management and will make your organization be more productive, increase customer satisfaction and save money in long term. This course will also introduce you to the concept of IT Service Management (ITSM) via IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). You will study definition and inter-relation among the processes. The course will be interactive class among attendees and instructor. Exchanging real case experience will make easier for participants to use learning knowledge after the class.